Student Affairs Council


Student Affairs Council is the apex student body of IIT Delhi. It is responsible for -

  • Formulating the policies pertaining to all non-academic student affairs

  • Presenting the views of the student community on issues of collective concern through itself, as well as through its representation and say in various other policy and decision making bodies of the institute

  • Taking initiatives to address the pressing problems faced by the students through the institutional framework of IIT Delhi

Structure of the Student Team


Policy changes

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In order to improve the coordination and discussion between the representatives of different boards a Student Assembly was proposed and approved. The student assembly has representation from all the boards and various academics disciplines as well. The student assembly is mandated to meet at least twice a semester to discuss the issues pertaining to the student community and update the members on the action taken on each issue.

The council decided to completely remove the restrictions that prevented girls to use the common places (common rooms, reading rooms etc.) in the boys hostel and vice-versa. Each hostel has chalked out the list of common areas where there are no time restrictions and have implemented the new rules accordingly

The council decided to do-away with the practice of removing students from PORs incase their CGPA falls below 7 during their tenure. Since these students will officially hold the POR, their voting rights will also be retained.

In order to improve transparency and accountability, General Secretaries of all boards recognized by SAC and all House Secretaries were mandated to submit the work report of their board/hostel once a semester i.e twice in their tenure. This will also make it easier for the incoming teams to pickup and understand the ongoing initiatives better.

In order to have a better organizational structure the following was proposed and approved in SAC – SAC will now have 1 representative from each hostel in place of 2. These representatives will be called ‘Secretary to the Student Affairs Council’ (exact nomenclature to be approved in the next SAC meeting). Secondly, SAC will also include students from 2nd year as ‘Executives to SAC’ in order to strengthen the organizational structure and expose students to SAC in 2nd year itself. The exact selection procedure for the same will be finalized in the next SAC meeting.

To solve the problem of shortage of space on the institute fields, the council agreed to develop Nalanda Ground into a sports field. Nalanda ground will continue to serve for other purposes like functions and parking during institute events as an when required. The ground will be restored after such events.

To cater to the problem of limited seating capacity of Ex-hall, the council agreed to the proposed idea of adding a long table and charging ports along one of the walls of Ex-hall which can cater to single seats. This will improve the seating efficiency of the Ex-hall.



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Kartik Raj Khandelwal

General Secretary

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Ashi Chakresh Jain

Deputy General Secretary




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