Student Boards


BHM is responsible for the smooth functioning and maintenance of all hostels of IIT Delhi. All issues and problems pertaining to the hostel infrastructure and residence are addressed by BHM. House Day celebrations are held in each hostel to bid farewell and commemorate the achievements the outgoing students. The annual BHM Night is eagerly awaited by the students every year.


BSP is responsible for all journalistic and creative publications at IIT Delhi. The board brings out several magazines and newsletters annually. The BSP also conducts the IIT Delhi’s annual literary festival – “Literati” – hosting a plethora of events that include panel discussions, guest talks, poetry recitations and literature quizzes. The Board serves both as a creative outlet, and as a platform for the students to voice their opinion.


BSW conducts welfare activities for IIT Delhi students. Important functions of the Board include Student Mentorship Program that ensures smooth transition of the fresher students into the IIT life and STIC - Student Teacher Interaction Council. The board also conducts trips, Aadhar Card camps, Book camps etc. on a regular basis. “Speranza”, the annual youth fest of IIT Delhi is also conducted by BSW.


BRCA organizes events and competitions to harbor the recreational and cultural life of IIT Delhi. The board has seven clubs namely Dance, Dramatics, Debating, Literary, Fine Arts and Crafts Club, Photography and Film, Music, and Quizzing. All these clubs instill creativity and nurture a spirit of creative longing amongst the IITD community. “Rendezvous”, the annual cultural fest of IIT Delhi, is also organized by BRCA.


BSA monitors the sports activities of the institute. The board provides facilities for many sports such as Aquatics, Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Cricket, Football, Hockey, Lawn Tennis, Weight-Lifting, etc. It conducts Inter Hostel sports competitions and oversees participation of IIT Delhi at the Inter IIT Sports Meet (the annual sports event of all the IITs). BSA is also responsible for conducting “Sportech”, the annual Sports Festival of IIT Delhi.