Student Affairs Council IIT Delhi

The Students Affairs Council is the apex student body of IIT-Delhi. The primary objective of SAC is to look after all the issues/problems concerning the students of IIT Delhi. The administrative decisions related to student affairs and infrastructure related issues are also addressed by SAC. The grievances and suggestions of the students are directed to the concerned administration for addressal through the SAC framework. SAC consists of the various boards of IIT Delhi and other committees. The various boards under the ambit of SAC are:

BRCA (Board for Recreational and Creative Activities)

BSA (Board for Sports Activities)

BSW (Board for Student Welfare)

BSP (Board for Student Publications)

BHM (Board for Hostel Management)

The Director serves as the Chairman of the Council. Other Faculty involved in SAC include the Dean of Students (Vice-Chairman of the council), the Associate Dean of Students, Deputy Director, Dean UGS, Dean PGS, various boards' presidents, vice presidents, hostel wardens, etc.  SAC meetings serve as a forum through which any issue regarding students can be voiced, discussed and worked upon. SAC appoints representatives for each hostel who are primarily responsible to put together the issues pertaining to their respective hostels for appropriate corrective measures by the SAC committee.